Through sin or through faith 

As I sat in bed feeling totally uninspired I opened the word which I desperately wanted. But I didn’t know what to read. Of course you can always look up verses for what you need but I didn’t know what I needed and I didn’t really know where to find what I didn’t know I needed. This was a problem. 
So, remembering the same Psalm a day I dedicated myself to read than failed at after like 60 days, I looked up what Psalm I was supposed to be on. Psalm 79. 

One verses in particular stood out to me, it reads (in esv); 

“Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of your name; deliver us, and atone for our sins, for your name’s sake!”  ~Psalm 79:9

One of the first things I noticed about this verse is how the sentences end. 

“For the glory of your name” and “for your name’s sake!” 

And the beginnings 

Help us” and “deliver us, and atone for our sins” 
What is the author meaning by starting out asking for help and ending in for God’s sake, not ours

Well I think this shows us the bigger idea to everything, the bigger idea to life that everyone misses. We all thing the huge world that we live in revolves around us, despite the sun that is a million times bigger than us, in which our world really does revolve around. Bigger than that our sun is part of the galaxy which is part of the universe which all revolves around God. So tell me again how the world, despite the other 7 billion people in it, revolves around you? It doesn’t. 

All of our life is for Jesus. All of our happiness, sadness, anger, pain, hunger EVERYTHING is to glorify Him. Even our rough patches we go through in our faith, its all to glorify him. 

While meditating on this more I came to a consensus. We are all made for the glory of God, whether we accept that fate or not. One day we will all bow before the king in heaven, whether forced or not. One day we will get judged by the Lord, whether or not you want to give it over to Jesus is up to you. We will all suffer and go through rough patches, whether you want to use those to push forward the gospel or not is up to you, but anything else you use your pain for is empty and pointless. We will all and are all glorifying God whether it be through our sins and rebellion or through our faithfulness, why would you want to glorify God through your sinfulness and rebellion? I know I sure don’t. 


Week 1 

Every week I make a small goal which I believe is a step towards getting closer to the Lord and growing my understanding and relationship with him. I’ve been doing it for 9 weeks now. I write my goal on a sticky note and hang it on my wall as a reminder.

Believe it or not it kinda works (sometimes) and it really helps to encourage push me. It reminds me that although I may have small goals through out life or maybe even some big goals (ex. Get married, get good grades, etc), my ultimate goal is Jesus and striving towards him. Moving towards him as I grow nearer to him, allowing the gospel to change me and move me to action. 

Faith is moving forward. You never go backwards. In order to move forward you set goals and meet them by seeking Jesus’ word and never ending wisdom. 

So with all that said, this week my goal is as simple as it gets; prayer. Although its simple it’s also very important. Its the foundation of which our relationship with God leans on. A good prayer life means a strong relationship with the Lord. 

Last week I found myself drifting away from the Lord. I was distant from him and pushing away. This week I want to go back to Him. I want to have a constant communication with him throughout the day through prayer and talking to him. When you pray you build up a relationship with God and you lean on him more and more which is the ultimate goal. 

Romans 8:11 “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit set their minds on the things of the spirit”

Prayer is setting your mind on things above this world. Recognizing God’s presence that is always with you and responding to it. Prayer is crucial to a strong relationship with God, it’s how we get to know him and how he gets even closer to us!! 

Here’s to this weeks goal!!! 


I don’t exactly know how this works yet but here goes nothing. 

So I love journaling and I love Jesus and sometimes I struggle like we all do and I think maybe sharing it on here might help. So this is basically my online journal and I mean isn’t that what all blogs are? So I’m Victoria, I’m young, I’m a new Christian and I love love Jesus. Enjoy. 

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